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Selected Publications


Yang, E. F., Kornfield, R., Liu, Y., Chih, M. Y., Sarma, P., Gustafson, D. H., Curtin J., & Shah, D. V. (2023). Using machine learning of online expression to explain recovery trajectories: Content analytic approach to studying a substance use disorder forum. Journal of Medical Internet Research.

Yang, E. F,  Shah, D. V., Tahk, A., Cody, O., Dietz, S., Pe-Romashko, K., Bailey, E., Gicquelais, R., Hwang, J., Gustafson, D., & Westergaard, R. (in press). mHealth and social mediation: Mobile support among stigmatized people living with HIV and substance use disorders. New Media & Society.

Yang, E. F. & Yang, S. (2023). Effects of moral frames within vaping prevention messages on current smokers’ support for electronic cigarette regulations. Journal of Health Communication.

Wang, S. Q., Ning, H., Huang, X., Xiao, Y., Zhang, M., Yang, E. F., Sadahiro, Y., Liu, Y., Ling, Z. L., Hu, T., Fu, X. K., Li, Z., & Zeng, Y. (2023). Public surveillance of social media for suicide using advanced deep learning models in Japan: Time series study from 2012 to 2022. Journal of Medical Internet Research.


Liu, Y., Kornfield, R., Yang, E. F., Burnside, E., Keevil, J., & Shah, D. V. (2022). Patient-provider communication while using a clinical decision support tool: explaining satisfaction with shared decision making for mammography screening. BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, 22(1), 323.

Friedland, L.A., Shah, D.V., Wagner, M.W., Wells, C., Cramer, K. J., Pevehouse, J., Dempsey, S., Suk, J., Lukito, J., Yang, E. F., (2022). Healthcare: A national issue with lifeworld implications. In L.A. Friedland, D.V. Shah, M.W. Wagner, C. Wells, K. J. Cramer, & J. Pevehouse (Eds.), Battleground: Asymmetric Communication Ecologies and the Erosion of Civil Society in Wisconsin. Cambridge University Press.


Rao, J., Chen, K., Yang, E. F., Kruse, J., Hudson, K., & Gao, S. (2021). A multi-perspective narrative-based geovisualization dashboard for the 2020 US presidential election. Journal of Geovisualization and Spatial Analysis, 5(2), 1-15.

Gustafson, D. H., Kornfield, R., Mares, M. L., Johnston, D. C., Cody, O. J., Yang, E. F., ... & Shah, D. V. (2021). Effect of an eHealth intervention on older adults’ quality of life and health-related outcomes: a randomized clinical trial. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 1-10.


Yang, E. F., Shah, D. V., Burnside, E. S., Little, T. A., Garino, N., & Campbell, C. E. (2020). Framing the clinical encounter: Shared decision-making, mammography screening, and decision satisfaction. Journal of Health Communication, 25, 681-691


Yang, E. F. & Du, Y. R. (2016). Storytelling in the age of big data: Hong Kong students’ readiness and attitude towards data journalism. Asia Pacific Media Educator, 26(2), 148-162.

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