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Old Book

Media Archive

This page stored what the media said about me and what I worked with media.


Spotlight in the American Academy of Advertising (AAA) Newsletter

In the newsletter, I reported my experiences in joining the AAA-AEF Visiting "Future" Professor Program, which also inspired my interest in applying computational methods to advertising practices. 


Youtube Video for Research Sharing

As I believe knowledge is sharable at a massive scale, I love to turn my research works into vivid videos for the easiness of understanding. My recent production is about designing moral framing attributes to increase public support for vaping regulation. Check it out here

Screen Shot 2023-02-17 at 1.11.07 PM.png


Involve with Asian Culture

Once in a while, I flew back to my homeland to share what I learned in the U.S. Some trips include a guest lecture for a visiting program at Sun Yat-sen University and gallivanting around.

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